ABTO Classified # 385

Kindly find attached ABTO Classified No. 385 on availability of office space at Changangkha, Thimphu.


ABTO Classified # 384

Please find ABTO Classified No. 384 regarding availability of coaster buses and newly established Campus Lodge, Thimphu by Institute of Management Studies Limited (IMSL). Further, IMSL is also providing complimentary services (Free Guide, Free Cultural Program, Free Talk on GNH & Culture, Free Team Building activities and Free meeting and discussion with faculty) for those who use Campus Lodge […]


ABTO Classified # 383

Please find ABTO Classified No. 383 regarding availability airline seats on Chattered Bhutan Airlines flight for PBH-KTM, other tickets for DELPBHDEL and PBHDEL  for sale.


ABTO Classified # 382

Please find ABTO Classified No. 382 regarding on Special Offer from Hotel Druk: 30% off for Indian Passport holders and 50% off for the Bhutan-Korea offer, availably of domestic ticket and requirement of coaster buses.


ABTO Classified # 381

Please find ABTO Classified NO 381 regarding availability of High Quality Car Rental Services and Chinese Language Course.


ABTO Classified # 380

Please find here ABTO Classified # 380 on sale of 94 tickets for PBH – KTM sector.


ABTO Classified # 379

Please find ABTO Classified No. 379 regarding availability of flight tickets for sale.


ABTO Classified # 378

Kindly find ABTO Classified No. 378 on the availability of hotel rooms and vehicle for hire.


ABTO Classified # 377

Kindly find ABTO classified No. 377 on availability of vehicle for hire .


ABTO Classified # 376

Kindly find ABTO Classified No. 376 regarding availability of vehicle for hire.